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CopperDog Logo


We embody clean and elegant design in all of our work.

Logos, corporate identities, websites, applications, and databases for both website and the desktop.

We can build what you need.

CopperDog consists of three stalwart coders with a range of unique abilities:

Cam Marsollier - Top Dog

Cam Marsollier
Strengths:GUI design, web work, and tricky coding.
Weaknesses:A stiff cider, slurpees, and pork rinds.
Bio:Cam has been coding for longer than anyone can remember. At first it just seemed disturbingly obsessive, but as his skills slowly came into demand, people starting thinking him quite clever. He's secretly glad to have fooled them. His hobbies include snow, pretty pictures, and driving hither and yon.

Sandeep Mann - Big Dog

Sandeep Mann
Strengths:Requirements gathering, databases, and clever components.
Weaknesses:Beer, poker, and death metal.
Bio:Sandy has been interested in long haired men for longer than anyone can remember. They're usually screaming into a microphone, but not always. Thirty or fourty years ago he would have been considered a genius. He knows a lot about most movies and has been known to enjoy a riff on the guitar from time to time.

Alain Lajoie - Plucky Dog

Alain Lajoie
Strengths:Customer service, database design, and rock-solid applications.
Weaknesses:iPods, Mundare sausage, and comradarie.
Bio:Alain was born and raised in the Great Canadian North. He and his brothers would wrestle Grizzly bears and moose, which lead directly into programming. He misses ice fishing, but appreciates being able to wade in our southern rivers without his legs going numb.